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Vista High School Seniors,

Here Are Some Specific Things for You to Know

1) Here are your clothing requirements

Your portrait in the yearbook will feature tuxes for the men, and black drapes for the women. These are supplied for you by the studio. Girls, wear a strapless top for your yearbook image so your shoulders can be bare. Guys, wear a white T shirt and we’ll supply your tux shirt & coat. For images we create at school or at the studio other than yearbook poses, you can bring your own clothing.

2) Come to the studio, or to school on specified dates

Studio Take 30 sessions are done at our Carmel Valley location only, about 45 minutes from Vista High. Take 10 sessions and Take 1 are available at the studio throughout the summer, and on these dates at school:

  • June
  • July
  • August

To reserve your session, please click the links below:

Indoors and Out

Take 30

Take 10

Take 1


Click here to see a copy of the complete Session Guide


For Product Price Guides, follow these links:

Complete 2017 Product Price Guide for all sessions

Online Product Guide for Take Ten Sessions