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What does my school require for yearbook?

Canyon Crest Academy & Torrey Pines High School require a traditional head and shoulders pose on the classic Renaissance background. Ideal colors to wear are medium to darker solid tones: navy blue, grey, black, dark reds, deep purple, hunter green, burgundy or brown.

La Costa Canyon & San Dieguito Academy allow any vertical head and shoulders portrait – in studio or at select locations, dark or medium tone background. Most select the traditional pose with the Renaissance back- ground, but outdoor poses are encouraged by the yearbook staff. Ideal colors are medium to darker solid tones: navy blue, grey, black, reds, deep purple, hunter green, burgundy or brown. No arms/hands, no extreme close ups, no pure white backgrounds.

What if I have to change my appointment?

If you absolutely have to reschedule or cancel, PLEASE give us 48 hour notice so we can give another senior that time. Otherwise, we must apply a $25 fee. Thanks for being considerate of everyone's time!

Viewing your images and placing your order

If you’d like to view your images online for ten days, simply add the optional $80 online viewing deposit to your session. This will be completely applied to your portrait order.

A view and order appointment at the studio with our portrait consultant will answer your questions most thoroughly. We will project all your favorite images and guide you through the process - it’s what we are expert at handling for you! It will take about 30-45 minutes to place a typical order in the studio.

You can also arrange for an online meeting over the phone. In these sessions, you'll be able to share our screen on your computer and see how a particular image will look.


Other Commonly Asked Questions

Are prints included with my session fee?
No. Prints are not included with your session fee. We offer individual prints and collections. You can see the complete price guide here.

Can I include my pets?
Yes! As part of your Indoors and Out sessions. We’ve had dogs, cats, birds - even an iguana! Please do us a favor, though - let us know what type of pet you are bringing. We don’t want to have your pet mouse here when someone else brings their cat!

Can you help us with a frame?
Yes. We carry frames by Larson Juhl, one of the finest custom frame manufacturers.

Why do I need to have Keane Studios do my yearbook portrait?
The SDUHSD contracts with Keane Studios to photograph each senior at all four schools, at the request of the yearbook advisors. Consistency of look and the ability to work with one reliable supplier makes the contract work for the yearbooks.

Why should I honor your copyright?
For the same reason you learned it’s not good form to steal your classmate’s lunch money in kindergarten.

The photographers at Keane Studios have invested years of education and expense in learning their craft, the studio has invested in equipment and space, and the staff is paid to give you expert service. This is how we make our living! We could quote Federal law stating that violation of copyright is a Federal felony, but it comes down to respect. Thank you!

Why our printing techniques are different ... Giclée

A lot of time is spent in the media looking at photography as a digital medium, but digital is only one aspect. Most prints you can get quickly from your own files are not meant to last. You will start seeing fading before you're out of college. Under best conditions, they will be gone in ten or so years. Digital and conventional printing are simply not archival.

At Keane Studios, we offer only the highest quality. Like the finest museum reproductions, your images will be created with the giclée process, yielding archival pigment prints. Giclée prints are the finest grade reproductions available, with their archival pigments tested to last at least 80-100 years in normal viewing conditions.

Traditional photographic paper uses a chemical process which removes some layers, while keeping the desired colors. As such, even the best photo paper can be displayed in indirect light for a maximum of about 20 years without losing brightness and tone. Traditional papers are also thinner, measured at around 190 GSM (grams per square meter).

Classic portraits from Keane Studios are glazed and printed on double weight satin paper, which measures a full 300 GSM. Even this least expensive Keane print displays brilliantly compared to conventional papers.

Signature portraits are triple glazed and printed on fine art cotton fiber paper with a fine texture. The substrate for Signature prints is 310 GSM. Colorfastness has been tested at over 100 years.

Museum portraits are triple glazed and reproduced on acid-free, archival cotton canvas. The canvas medium used for our Museum portraits is 395 GSM, a pure cotton canvas substrate.